Top Factors That Decide Whether You Qualify For Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability benefits aid people adequately to support and meet their financial needs when they are not in the condition to work and earn a living. It becomes intimidating to carry out the disability claiming procedure due to physical illness. A lot of money goes for medical treatment when an individual meet with aContinue reading “Top Factors That Decide Whether You Qualify For Disability Benefits”

Social Security Disability And Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses. According to the WHO in 2018, over 300 million people have this mental illness. It affects everything from the heart to the immune system and can severely impact your overall health. It is a severe disorder that may impact your daily activities. On top of that,Continue reading “Social Security Disability And Depression”

What Qualifies You for Disability Benefits?

People struggling with disability issues and are not able to earn a living, at least for 12 months, can apply for Social security disability benefits. Social security administration has specified all disability conditions under their guidelines. If your disability is listed in their manual, then you can get these benefits.  People who undergo or needContinue reading “What Qualifies You for Disability Benefits?”

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